Nurse Tami / Sugs’ Shoppe, LLC  Image by  Gratuity Media

Nurse Tami / Sugs’ Shoppe, LLC

Image by Gratuity Media

On the creative side, I am a designer and artist. I mostly work with fabrics, sewing, and dying. I am tie dye obsessed (if you haven't noticed!) Now that I have my feet beneath me and feel more confident in my hospice position, I have started reaching for that sewing machine. So keep your eyes peeled for some fresh pieces in the Shoppe.  

Me & Tata: Shop Small Spotlight

Me & Tata: Shop Small Spotlight

image When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately went on the look out for some newborn gender neutral attire. I had stumbled upon Me&Tata a while back and remembered that they carried organic gender neutral clothing! Perfection! I bought a beautiful little outfit, a snap long sleeve onesie with the cutest elbow patches, a pair of matching pants, a hat and a swaddle! image

This is what little Adler came home in back in late December, he grew out of his newborn clothes too fast, if you ask me... Can't babes stay little just a tad longer!? I loved the quality of Me&Tata so much that I decided to feature Sara the Creative Director behind the brand a few questions! And... BONUS you all get a chance at a $100 shop credit! Whoa!



So let's meet Sara and see what makes her tick!

What is your inspiration?

I get inspired by every day moments. Like going to our local beach, listening to the sound of the ocean, the colours of the sea, watching my girls play in the backyard. I really treasure these moments. I meditate every day and try to be present not worrying so much about the past or the future. I get off line at set times during the day, including mobile phone, to really have time and breathe and just take it all in.

What are your dreams for this business?

Probably my biggest dream is to have a business that allows me to do what I love while having time for my girls and husband. Running a business is so hard at times, the only thing that keeps me going is not being scared to dream big I guess. If big brands can get to every corner of the world than that's exactly what I want to do with organic clothing. Organic and ethically made clothing is so important for our sustainable future. If I can do something for the future of my children than it's to help poorer communities and support fair pay, women rights and ethical work practices which I believe can be achieved through ethical manufacturing which includes organic farming.

What has been your greatest struggle? How did you overcome it?

I always thought the biggest struggle was to start a business while having a newborn. However, I now know it's growing a business and finding a balance between work and family. I always feel I'm not giving enough time to my girls, or my husband, and myself and if I do then I feel I'm not putting enough into business. I haven't overcome it and I don't think I ever will to be honest but I try to remember to treat myself better today than I did yesterday. Be it a play with my girls at our local beach, or coffee at the local cafe. Would you do anything different?

I started a business with zero experience in manufacturing or fashion, pattern making, sales etc... ( I was working as a Behavioural Scientist with families from Refugee background before going on maternity leave). I think if I would do something different than it's to ask more questions, to not worry so much about the future and go step by step. Things always work out somehow.

Who is your biggest supporter?

My biggest support is my husband, my girls who always are involved in anything Me&Tata and will draw with me while I'm sketching. I wouldn't say Growing Me&Tata has been the easiest road (like any business) but my family is always there with me. Our Insta community has been the biggest support also, I have made so many amazing friends. I couldn't have done it without them, including you :)

Are you a mom? What's your most treasured memory.

Yes, I'm a mum of two precious girls. My most treasured memory. There are so many... I think with both girls co-sleeping with them when they were babies hearing their breath and baby noises and getting up for night feeds. I know at the time of course I wanted to sleep through the night, but now I treasure those moments where it was just me and my girls. I think in general becoming a mum has been the best life experience for me. I'm a new Woman much more confident and less worried about what others think of me.

How did your shop come to be? Is this always what you wanted to do?

Well not really... When I had my first daughter Salome, while I was on maternity leave I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start sewing baby clothes. i have always loved crafts but wasn't sure about Sewing. It literally all started on our kitchen table. I loved it and was getting a few requests to custom sew quilts and bags... This is over 4 years ago. I always wanted to be able to help people. And thought by combining the two it could really work. So now we are a whole team designing the textiles, patterns etc... and manufacture with a small company based in India who are committed to ethical work, fair pay and women's rights. Our Dying Company even runs a school for the workers kids to study. Really, being able to do good in communities means the world to me.

What if anything did you go to school for? Does it help with your shop?

Education is one thing no one can take away from you. Whatever you learn, be it in a formal school set up, tertiary education or what you learn from your parents shapes your values and so will always help with whatever you do. My qualification in behavioural science has taught me to see things from a different angle and to look at things holistically. But also my values and believe that we all deserve education, basic right, and freedom has shaped what Me&Tata is. More than a kids clothing brand we're really a lifestyle brand.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Well sometimes I wish I could be a little bird so i can fly around from tree to tree and sing all day long, other times I wish I could be a cat just sort of hang around and chill all day... I would definitely not be a Tiger or Hyena nope too stressful for me!

If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?

My super power would be the ability to make people laugh more. I think if we could be more light hearted and funny than our days would be so much better. I really dislike people in bad moods. Life is too short and we are in it together so let's make the best of it.

If you could meet anyone, past or present who would it be?

There are so many people I want to meet but first person that comes to my mind is Malala Yousafzai, the youngest ever Nobel-Prize winner for her activism for female education. Having worked with refugee families I have come across many girls who cannot read or write. Seeing them go to school and learn everyday is priceless. We really are very lucky.

Thank you so much Sara! Now hop on over to my Instagram @mama_sugs to enter for a $100 shopping credit! Whoop! Extra bonus entry for commenting what animal you would be if you could choose!! Please leave your Instagram handle with your comment!

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Peace & Love,

Tami Elizabeth



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