Nurse Tami / Sugs’ Shoppe, LLC  Image by  Gratuity Media

Nurse Tami / Sugs’ Shoppe, LLC

Image by Gratuity Media

On the creative side, I am a designer and artist. I mostly work with fabrics, sewing, and dying. I am tie dye obsessed (if you haven't noticed!) Now that I have my feet beneath me and feel more confident in my hospice position, I have started reaching for that sewing machine. So keep your eyes peeled for some fresh pieces in the Shoppe.  

Photo Credit: Aaron Gellar, Bumps and Babies Photography It's a new day, and a new update, 31 weeks. Today was another ultrasound of my little one, and we have some good news! Though my placenta is still as big as ever, it has not grown any larger! Baby has grown a whole whopping one percentile since last Thursday's scan! Which puts a big smile on this mama's face & my midwife's face as well! Baby was however a tad lazy this morning and wouldn't take any good breaths for the ultrasound technician, which caused her to be a little concerned. We ended up doing a non-stress test (NST) later that afternoon. This also brought a smile to my face as baby's heartbeat was perfect, no contractions and was moving like crazy!

I asked my midwife again today about my chances for a natural vaginally labor, and from what she has seen so far she has no reason to say that I can not go that route. As long as we stay on this track of positive weight gain, she sees no reason to bring baby earth side until he or she is ready, let's stay pregnant as long as we can, shall we? I asked about the risk of hemorrhage, which she responded again with, at this point I see no reason to worry.

Next week we begin even closer monitoring, with two NSTs a week, an ultrasound once a week and an appointment with my midwife every two weeks. This could get quite tricky with my work schedule as I travel quite a bit, and have appointments with physician offices already scheduled for some of the days I need to have my testing done. Luckily I have some great friends that I have met while working for Blue Cross that are willing to lend a hand and ensure I can finish what I've begun. My manager and director are aware of my complications and seem to be on board with working with me, so that I can work as long as possible before baby comes.

I'm writing this post with a smile on my face. I feel like I haven't had relief of anxiety or fear since they told me about all the "what ifs" a few weeks ago. My mind has been wandering, and not to the happy-go-lucky places that most expecting women experience. Envisioning a healthy, full term newborn kind of fell into the very back of my mind. But today, is different, today I feel like smiling without forcing it, there is a greater chance that things will be okay. Some weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and although we have quite a bit of testing and weeks ahead of us that could bring uncertainty, I'm just going to live in the now, and be grateful for the good news I received today.

Thank you all, so much, from the bottom of my heart for your warm thoughts, positive vibes and prayers, I feel blessed to have such an amazing support system through family, friends and social media. You've all helped lift me when I didn't think I could be lifted.

Peace & Love,

Tami Elizabeth

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