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On the creative side, I am a designer and artist. I mostly work with fabrics, sewing, and dying. I am tie dye obsessed (if you haven't noticed!) Now that I have my feet beneath me and feel more confident in my hospice position, I have started reaching for that sewing machine. So keep your eyes peeled for some fresh pieces in the Shoppe.  

Num Nums: Nûby Wash or Toss Feeding Utensils
If you are anything like me, watching your child feed himself brings an incredible amount of pride. Yes, it's a simple task, but to a babe & toddler self feeding can be quite the hurdle to jump. Since I first put a spoon in this kiddos hands he's been a fan of self feeding, or at least carrying that sucker around the house until he gets bored of it! Needless to say Graeme loves his spoons & forks!
I recently introduced Graeme to a new set of utensils, the Nûby Wash or Toss Feeding Utensils. They are light weight & extremely easy for little hands (& big hands a like) to hold onto & maneuver. There are 8 forks & 8 spoons. They come in a vibrant variety of colors; orange, blue, red & green. We've been using the spoons to eat his Stonyfield YoToddler Yogurt in the mornings, & today I gave him the reigns & let him at it with some applesauce. I love the size & shape of the spoon, it's easy for Graeme to get into his little toddler mouth. He can grasp the spoon & fork with ease, it has a curved body to it which seems to make it easier to reach his mouth. It holds a decent amount of food on it as well. All in all I'm a fan!
Now let's talk about that fork. It's a silly looking thing, with rounded points, which I thought would in no way be useful to my toddler who is used to jabbing his food. Well, I was proven wrong!
With said fork in hand, Graeme dove right into his dinner last night, chicken & vegetables with noodles. That fork did wonders, he was able to grab his noodles, meat & veggies without any difficulty. Again, with the curvature of that handle it seemed that the fork easily made it into his mouth. He demolished his dinner, which I don't think would have been possible with a regular fork, or a spoon for that matter. So yes, I am a fan of the fork! I appreciate that the rounded points won't be stabbing him in the gums or tongue when he is quickly shoveling food into his mouth. One con, I don't think that it will serve him well for "jabbing" or "piercing" some foods, like his eggs or steak per se, but it is a useful tool in our arsenal overall! 

So let's get a little run down shall we?
  • Best for 18 months & older
  • PBA free (always a bonus!) 
  • Reusable or disposable! (I choose reuse! Better for the environment!)
  • Easy grip design, making it super easy for babes to hold onto!
  • Promotes self-feeding (hallelujah, am I right?!)
  • Ideal for traveling (I'm packing these boys in my purse for our next trip to the restaurant.)
Now you ask, where can I buy these?
  • Meijer
Want to learn more about these awesome brightly colored utensils? Head on over to Nûby




Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find this review helpful in your search for the perfect toddler feeding utensils! Please don't hesitate to ask a question, post a comment or follow me or Nuby on our social media accounts to hear about more great products!

Peace, Love & Tie Dye

Mama Sugs

Mama Sugs is a part of the Nûby Parent Blogger program. Mama Sugs did not receive any compensation for this post, although as a part of this program Mama Sugs may receive items to sample or review. Opinions expressed about Nûby products are my own.

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